Fashion is a three trillion dollar global industry with high hidden costs for our world. We bring a uniquely positive, solutions-oriented approach to the many challenges in the fashion industry. In the past we have focused on different themes and bringing together innovative companies and dedicated individuals to create a mile stone in fashion industry. With this Models will be able to present themselves to the global fashion society as well as learning and improving upon their modeling skills, while increasing their exposure to the appropriate fashion industries.

Ribaag Production is dedicated to facilitating a gateway to the fashion world, from creation to consumer.


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It's simple, first of all, fix up an appointment with our experienced team so that everything can be explained and discussed in length. Only after looking at your profile and picture, We can give you the best advice as to how to enhance your best looks and to give the best guidance for you. Meeting beforehand also helps evaluate your potential and guide you to plan your career in the best possible manner.

You may call up at 8860888833 (or whatsapp) anytime to fix an appointment. If you are not based in Delhi, send in your photos, Instagram Handle and any work experience in this field. You can also fix a skype chat with our experts.

You need to pay 20% in advance to confirm the date. The rest of the amount is to be paid on the day of the shoot. You may make the advance payment online or issue a cheque in favor of " Ribaag ". You may drop the cheque for the portfolio at the Studio or at any of the Indian overseas bank drop boxes/branches.

If canceled before the date of the shoot there will be No refund.

If postponed 7 days before the date of the shoot, no additional charges.

If postponed within 7 days, 10% of the total fees will be charged extra and will be given a next shoot date.

Earlier, the better. This helps you also plan everything smoothly. However, if available we can schedule the shoot at a short notice as well if possible.

A complete portfolio generally takes up the whole day. Time for hair and makeup were done at the studio and was included in the photo session. It is a good idea to start as early as possible, say around 8 am or 9 am. The makeup may take about an hour or so. The actual shot thus starts around 10 or 11 am. Starting early helps to wind up in time and also take into account any delays due to unforeseen factors.

You are not paying for the number of photographs or looks. In fact, you are paying for the photographer's, Marketing team, fashion stylist and makeup Artist skills and management experience to bring out and show you're very best in your portfolio. The Art and effort involved are almost the same even if the number of looks or photographs is less. However, to make things a little economical for you some special prices have been worked out for a NOVICE portfolio and also for a VIP one.

Yes, ofcourse. Complete guidance will be provided during the shoot and all assistance will be given for posing and expressions. As the shoot goes on you are shown your pictures on a camera or a large screen, and suggestions are given how best to improve the shots.

Once the final pictures are selected, these will be retouched and finished to look the best. There is no additional charge for this. Usually, it is done to the extent that the photographs look natural and do not look too artificial. However, you have both options. You also have the option to add more photographs to your collection.

The whole shoot is nowadays done on high-end digital cameras. This helps in shooting unlimited pictures without bothering about the added expenditure of film and processing. You do not have to worry about the number of frames or the number of rolls used anymore. Just concentrate on your looks.

It depends upon which package you are going with our BASIC, PREMIUM and VIP PACK we will be providing you clothes and If you have a good collection, do bring it. We do have a complete wardrobe but it is always better to have more options open. However, you will have to bring your own jeans, shorts, shoes, sandals, or any other stuff which requires a specific fitting/size not available here. All this can be discussed beforehand and in certain cases else you may not need to bring along anything.

Yes, you can. Alternatively, let us decide what will work best for you, You will be given a dedicated fashion stylist but you still have the final word.

Definitely, Since there are a lot of photographs we generally shortlist the photographs and among this set, you can further choose the best ones you like the most. This makes the work much easier for our photographers as well as the editing team. At the end of the shoot as well as during the shoot, we’ll look at your photos on a computer screen and talk about which images/looks/expressions work best.

As many as you want. But it is always good to have only the best pictures in the portfolio which are very strong in every aspect and do not show any flaws at all. The images should show the model in his/her best. the website could have more images but the prints should be restricted to about 10. It's all a team effort. Any picture where the model or the makeup artist or the photographer is not up to the mark does not make it to the final selection.

That's absolutely your choice. It is not necessary if you are not comfortable doing so. Keep in mind the kind of work you are looking for. Your portfolio should reflect the same. However, if you get any such images shot, it's not necessary that you have to show everything to your prospective clients.

It is possible to do so with the help of some paid tools to some extent, however, it's better not to manipulate the photographs in a manner that does not portray the real you. Small tweaking can be done but do not expect a drastic change.

It depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for character roles, a good physique may not always be needed. contact our team on 8860888833 for better understanding and explanation.

It's good to have a good physique but you do not have to completely fit. As long as you are fit, it's perfectly all right, with or without a Gym. You are most welcome to meet up and discuss this aspect with our team.

Yes, being tall is not the only criteria. Though it helps but it's not a setback as there are so many options still open and your overall personality matters much more than just the height.

Being tall is not the only criterion but yes, an added advantage. Having a good overall personality certainly helps rather than just being tall.

It's not always necessary to do every different look. We can discuss and plan, what looks go best with your personality and what kind of work you intend to seek. Some of the options are - Western casuals- jeans/shorts/tops, etc, western formals/evening gown or a dress, Indian traditional - saree or a lehenga, closeups, and beauty shots, Executive / Business look. Based on your fitness you may also go for sportswear or Lingerie / Bikini.

Like some of the option are

  1. Western Casuals : In this you can have a good pair of jeans and t-shirt and also go for shorts.
  2. Western Formals : You can have a pair of Business Formals or Pant/ Shirt as the dress code.
  3. Indian Wear : Known as the best outfit for girls, you can wear Lehenga, Gowns and much more.

It's just as safe as any other profession. depending upon who you are connecting with for better understanding you can contact our agent for better understanding 8860888833.

yes, certainly. However, bring along someone you are friendly with and not conscious of. Someone you are not uncomfortable posing in front of. Also, it's fine to bring along one friend or at the most two but not a whole bunch!

what do you say? One does not really need anyone to promote you as long as you have the talent. A good portfolio is your first step in the industry and decide the photographer on the basis of his/her work and do not link promotion with it. If you are good and if your portfolio is good, half the battle is already won. With the right guidance, you can promote yourself much better than anyone else.

You will get all the guidance and the details of the reputed modeling agencies and casting directors, both in Delhi and Mumbai. In case of any questions or doubts, you can directly get in touch with us any time later as well.

Nothing works unless you give it your best. If you want to pursue modeling as a career, you need to be professional about it just like any other career. You need to put in your best effort towards your portfolio, to begin with as this is going to be your first impression in the industry.

Yes, you can plan out a couple's portfolio. This may be a post or pre-wedding shoot or even years after you got married. well, or just as a couple even if you are not married.